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Chevaughn Karamel Indigo


Kingston, Jamaica-based artist Chevaughn’s Karamel Indigo is a song that immediately draws you in and maintains interest throughout. Having already amassed 5000+ plus views in a mere matter of days, Chevaughn’s new song is a celebration of all hues of black women across the world.

Although I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce his name (Siobhan or Chey-vaughan?), it’s comforting to hear an accent that’s easy to understand coupled with positive lyric writing. I really enjoyed how Chevaughn’s melodic writing developed with the arrangement of the track, with a particularly satisfying switch to the bridge, featuring the melodic climax of the song.

The repetitive nature of Karamel Indigo is also particularly alluring, creating an unobtrusive yet memorable vibe that’s perfect for the style of music Chevaughn is writing. The song is well arranged, with great performances from all of his backing band, my favourite being the bass line, which, of course, is essential for any well-written reggae tune. The backing singers compliment his voice well, with great harmonies and answering phrases that are perfectly placed into the track. Naturally, I can imagine that this was performed live, and I can feel that a real-time stage show would go down a treat.

The accompanying video for the song is professionally shot, seemingly in one take, and showcases all of its participants in a flattering light.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my re-introduction to reggae music through Chevaughn’s Karamel Indigo – the success that its video has already seen is a sure testament to quality song-writing.

Chevaughn is really active on Instagram – make sure to follow him!

Andy Bell


Andy is a composer & producer from Newcastle upon Tyne. After graduating with a Master's degree from University, Andy is now working in recording studios local to his area & spending time writing reviews & articles on all aspects of music, recently completing a music tutorial eBook on how to use the music notation software, Sibelius. Andy also plays in Synthpop duo Drive.

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