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Cam Daye Could You Be The One


With an impressive musical background and a thirst for all things music knowledge, Cam Daye has spent the past few years honing his craft and trying to discover, both for his own benefit and that of his growing fan-base, which sounds and styles work best for and with him.

Having instantly caught the attention of music fans and critics alike at the start of this year with his single Your Eyes, a track which blends genres to the extent it’s hard to decipher which exact category it fits into, his newest release, Could You Be The One is considerably EDM-pop driven and easily his best track to date.

It’s a lot slower than many EDM tracks currently making waves on the radio and on people’s playlists, but that’s what makes it stand out all the more. There’s a maturity to the song, both in terms of its lyricism and production, which allows the track to linger with a listener long after it has ended. With a soulful, hip-swaying rhythm, it’s also sure to impress and delight those who like losing themselves on a nightclub dance-floor. Vocally, there’s an air of Rihanna about the female performer, enabling those who hear the track to flash back to her heyday, while immersing themselves in the impressive talent showcased for everyone to hear.

With summer just around the corner, or slowly peaking its way through the clouds depending on where you live, Could You Be The One is a slow, soulful summer jam that’s both pleasing to the ear and deserving of plenty of plays from radio and on a music fans’ stereo.

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