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BAILEY The Future


I’ve never heard a brighter, more optimistic song of unrequited love than The Future by BAILEY. The piece begins with a slightly melancholic twinkle of bells and piano — quickly giving way to a sweeping acoustic guitar. It’s a sound that brings you home and comforts you, readying you for the well-polished whisper of Joe Bailey’s voice as he carries you through a love song you can’t help but love back.

“They could never better you / To me, you are the truth” Bailey pleads, bright and beautiful, as a tambourine kicks up in the back. Your heart leaps at love’s first taste before falling with the realization that “I could scream / But you still wouldn’t hear me, I know”.

Undeterred, the song rolls on happy and bright as a cheerful chorus you can’t help but sing along to begs you to believe that the future is ours. A simple and catchy chorus – coupled with undeniably folk-driven verses; The Future is impeccably arranged and flawlessly performed. In a landscape of overproduced, underwritten flavors of the week, BAILEY provides a profound respite in simply good music. A melody, a story, and a voice that would make Matt Bellamy jealous are the apparent secret formula for the next best thing – a formula Joe Bailey and producer Ian Curnow seem to have perfected.

Rarely does something so original, so independent, and so emotional also have the knack of being so incredibly fun to sing along with. As the song reminds us, it’s been a long time coming, and I can’t wait to see what BAILEY releases next.

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