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Alex Costova Without You


Put your dancing shoes on, turn down the lights, and prepare to move. Let me give you a little overview of my day prior to turning on this exciting tune.

Currently on tour, there are a lot of benefits involved in performing in many places, seeing many faces. The one downside is, well… I don’t get to sleep in my comfortable six-pillow bed as often as I’d like to. Therefore, as soon as I got home for this 4 day break, I slept, slept, woke up, and slept again. And oh my – how that pattern has changed. When the song first begins, there’s this piano part that you can feel clearly leading you to a grander place. Once I heard this start to play, I instantly stopped – sat up, and gave it my full attention.

I was getting a few different genre vibes from this song. The vocals are pop-like, and on the other hand, the beat reminds me of House music and even a bit of Dancehall. There’s a clear love story being told within the lyrics, also portrayed well through Alex’s singing. The emotion in his voice is relatable. We’ve all been in a place where we’ve been thinking about that one person in the most chaotic or socially ​inappropriate of times. I visualized myself in the middle of a party, daydreaming about that one person I feel as if I can’t live without.

Though artistically this song is in a great place, some work could be done with the engineering, and the vocal rhythm. The reverb and auto-tune are heavy – those two effects can be great when used in moderation, but they can be devastating to a track when they’re used excessively. Small issues aside though, this song has an immense amount of potential to be a hit.

Top Strength: ​Your true passion is felt in this song, and that’s one of the most important aspects of reaching the masses.

Top Critique: ​The engineering and vocal rhythm could be worked on. That would take this thing to the next level. Attention to detail is essentially all it takes, the talent is already there.

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Imani Wj Wright


A Singer-Songwriter, producer & instrumentalist from Baltimore, Maryland. Trained by some of the most pristine music schools in the United States & mentored by Grammy affiliated artists such as Khalid & Bilal.

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