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Aiden Hatfield This Horror In Me


When it comes to complete and utter vulnerability, few artists possess the sheer amount of strength and courage it takes to open up about the darkest demons of their lives. Aiden Hatfield, however, has created a community around his sincere take on depression, and his upcoming single, This Horror In Me is not only an absolutely fantastic rock tune, but also an honest depiction of dealing with such daily struggles.

Aiden Hatfield is a perfect mix of the best parts of Alkaline Trio and The Gaslight Anthem. It’s high energy alternative rock with driving drums, heavy guitars, and emotional solos. Despite the serious themes present throughout, This Horror In Me is infectious, and just a whole lot of fun.

Hatfield’s lyrics do the heavy lifting of talking about these serious themes in an interesting and unique way, while his music provides the perfect foundation upon which to do so. The two elements almost juxtapose one another, but Hatfield’s powerful artistry merges the dark undertones of his words effortlessly with his pulsating music.

This Horror In Me is everything you’d expect from a classic emo/alternative track, and it’s honestly one of the reasons it’s so good. What Hatfield lacks in progressive elements, he more than makes up for with the simple fact that every single part of this track sounds incredible. Nothing here is groundbreaking in its composition, but everything is flawlessly executed.

This Horror In Me is a sheer delight to listen to. Despite Aiden Hatfield talking about some rather somber subjects, the music underneath it all is absolutely brimming with a natural intensity found only in the best rock songs.

Check out the song as of March 15th. Find & follow Aiden Hatfield on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website. Pre-order the new EP via iTunes.

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