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Music & Art: Don’t Like It? Don’t Comment.


Follow what you like, don’t comment if you don’t. Live and let live; there are plenty more beats in the system..

As you probably know by now, we don’t write or publish bad reviews here. You may say that this means we aren’t publishing reviews at all. Well – we’re OK with that.

We don’t write or publish reviews. We create and publish intricate, thoughtful, professional write-ups, to help represent some of the world’s most beautiful, most rare, most unusual, most unheard of music. We offer a service and a platform to build a lasting connection between artist and audience. We like to shine things up, not burn them down. And this perspective expands across many areas of life.

There is no point in publicly commenting on a piece of art – whether it’s music, film, a painting, a dress, etc – to say that you do not like it. It’s art. Someone’s made it. They’ve put their time and energy, their heart and soul, into creating something, purely for pleasure; to feed their inner dreamer, to reach out to people. They’re not building weapons, they’re (hopefully) not inciting hatred or prejudice, they’re not busy building walls to keep you out, nor rules to keep you in. They’re doing what their hearts desire – they’re just making art. Why shit on that with your stabby little words?

If you don’t like the music or whatever other form of art that someone has created – just don’t comment. It’s a big world, most of which you can find on the internet; from the comfort of your own couch. Move on with your day. Go and find something you do like. Find someone you do approve of. Talk to them instead; give out encouragement, hopefulness, kindness. Don’t give out pointless judgement. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. It’s not for anything. It’s just art. Wonderful, beautiful, art.

We’re all entitled to our opinions. Ah, of course – that old chestnut. Even so, we don’t need to be a dick about it, and really – entitled? Entitlement?? Maybe that’s another chat for another day.

If you absolutely have to get your burning disapproval of someone’s art outside of your mind, just do it like they did in the old days – among a close group of friends, over a brandy and a croissant – not to the artist’s face. Constructive criticism is only useful during the construction stage. By the time you’re witnessing it on your tiny phone screen; it’s already finished. If you think you could do better – go do it; go make something better. Go create something yourself. 

Your words hurt. And they last far longer than the time it takes you to write them. Life is too short for that shit.

Put more positivity into the world. It’s the least you could do. It’s something we all can do.

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One response to “Music & Art: Don’t Like It? Don’t Comment.

  1. My sentiments exactly, I’m glad you took time to put these thoughts to print. I think we both have been on the receiving end of good and bad opinions as to our music. There will always be individuals who do not hear in the music what they want, what they prefer, perhaps wishing the course of a river to bend and flow another direction….it’s best, as you write, for them to seek something else, someone else that they can better appreciate.

    I produce music that is real to me…primarily for me, and that’s the only way it can be successful. You, I’m sure, do similarly. Best praise what one likes than write poison letters to deprecate another’s heartfelt work.

    Art is art, it will always polarize and that in itself is a good thing as long as this dichotomy is understood and respected.


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