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The self-described and competitively on-point Best Podcast in Baltimore is one that sees its team of hosts take a somewhat nonchalant approach to discussing popular culture, current topics, and just about whatever comes to mind on any given day.

Mastermind Team’s Robcast features the legendary duo that is Rob Lee and Dann D, a pair of friends who lead with a shared mind-set and a style so laid-back it feels genuinely like overhearing a private chat between friends. The subject matter follows a seemingly arbitrary pathway – their minds wander in entertaining, uninhibited manners, seeing the conversation veer off suddenly from one topic to the next; though surprisingly often drawing back to a few single sentiments that provide the necessary threads to hold it all together.

In example, a recent episode entitled Crawl, They Were Here First (#266) deals precisely with a new alligator movie the hosts have been eagerly awaiting. However, throughout the show this movie feels like a mere top hat placed upon a multi-layered and complex character. The duo hold nothing back, everything is laid out on the table, helping make the whole concept for the show and indeed the final delivery some of the most real and notably pure out there.

Maybe there’s a niche quality to it all, certainly there’s a target audience for this, but honestly you’re likely to stumble upon enough honesty and humor throughout any randomly selected episode, that the whole matter of subject or sub-genre becomes fairly irrelevant.

Rob and Dann do a good job of rolling with the punches, and that openness helps give the podcast a fairly unique edge. Expect randomness, lots of movie talk, relationship stories, personal experiences, insight into Baltimore life, culture, and plenty that proves unpredictable yet surprisingly engrossing.

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