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Mr Slim Turkey – The Unsolved Homicide of Richard Aderson (PODCAST)


Lee Purchase hosts this series of discussions regarding an incident from a few decades back that has remained an unsolved and unpunished crime for many years. If you’ve ever found yourself drawn in by the likes of Radiolab, crime scene studies, or story-telling shows from the past, this is undoubtedly something that will interest you. The truth element intrigues and fascinates, historical accuracy combines with genuine personal interest and subsequently gathers your interest as a listener thanks to that subtle enthusiasm and intricate consideration.

On the evening of February 5th 1997, Richard Aderson was on his way home when he and an unknown motorist had a minor collision. Moments later, the unidentified male shot Richard once in the chest and quickly disappeared into the night. Aderson crawled back to his vehicle and called 911, where he provided the make, model and license plate of the fleeing vehicle. He also described his shooter as a white male, 6 feet tall, between 40 & 50 years old. Tragically, Richard Aderson may not have known it at the time BUT he was describing his KILLER.

There’s a quiet intensity to the podcast, a single voice and a silent backdrop guide you through the details as an introduction. The show also features music and added layers of drama just occasionally – so as to build something consistently interesting and that holds tight to your attention. Much of the music featured is that of independent artists looking for more exposure – something we’re always happy to promote and get on-board with.

Episode one of the podcast explores the fateful event from the nineties in depth. Lee Purchase presents the story-line with a genuine tone of voice – his approach is respectful and calmly captivating. The show is easy to have play for you and easy to get lost within. The ideas presented get you thinking a little more deeply – pondering the world and the events within it in a more analytical, intentional manner; something we could all admittedly benefit from. This is a refreshing show with a very specific purpose –  a rare trait and one you quickly com to appreciate. Absolutely worth a listen when you have the time set aside for something a little different.

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