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Modern American Slave (PODCAST)


Following in the footsteps of groundbreaking, truth-oriented podcasts like Radiolab, Modern American Slave is an indie story-teller like no other.

Despite its title, this might not be quite what most will expect, but the concept is undoubtedly one worthy of consideration. The podcast explores in depth the issue of divorced non-custodial and alienated parents, and the children whose lives suffer as a result of their dismissal.

From court hearings to fact checking and personal accounts, this multi-part series takes its time to delve into the crucial details and effects regarding the unfair and often devastating treatment of certain individuals. Episodes take the implied lies told in court or official settings, and expose them for what they really are in the face of authenticity.

Rather than operating in a he-said she-said format, the show directly explores the stories from an impartial yet inquisitive, somewhat performative angle, which makes for episodes that are all at once fascinating, unsettling, and decidedly heartbreaking.

Now twelve episodes deep, there’s plenty to catch up on, but you’re still early enough to get lost in the content – and to take on the ultimately revealing, eye-opening truth at the centre of these stories that modern media barely touches upon to such an investigative and considerate degree.

* * *

In cases of custody and divorce, often people say: There’s his side of the story, her side, and then the truth is somewhere in the middle. We’re going to challenge that notion and say that no, it is not the case at all. There’s the truth, and then there is the degree to which a pathological individual will go to in order to destroy someone for the sake of financial gain. The truth still lies exactly where it was.

* * *

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