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MinddogTV Your Mind’s Best Friend (PODCAST)


An indie podcast with an interesting angle – Minddog TV actively encourages its audience to exercise independent free thinking.

Hosted by Matt Nappo, the show offers up a likable sense of character and intention. While many of the topics touched upon are somewhat controversial, the idea is to inspire consideration of different perspectives – to have a conversation, communicate with ‘the other side’, and ultimate broaden your understanding of the world; and your own horizons.

Already an impressive 85 episodes in, there’s plenty to catch up on, and the show has well and truly found its flow and personality as a niche podcast.

A recent episode welcomes Russell ‘The Book Guy’ Nohelty. The magic and mythology writer makes for a fascinating listen, and Matt’s welcoming and inquisitive nature opens the floor for well over an hour of naturally flowing conversation. For the dog lovers out there, the opening moments alone are likely to win you over. The pair talk freely, almost as if this is precisely what they’d be discussing regardless of whether or not we were listening.

From dark comedy to the UK’s own Jamie Dykes, through sportscasting, politics, the search for peace, the tragedy of George Floyd, digital marketing, success and the very existence of humanity – no topic is out of reach, and Matt’s personality and clear interest in each subject prove easy threads to hold the entire catalogue together.

Soon enough, you listen for the host’s own inquisitive and likable nature, and the insight promised from each of his guests – rather than purely selecting episodes that stand out to you. That’s a rare and commendable trait in indie podcasting. A nice guy, and a great host – well worth a listen.

Check out all episodes via Apple or the show’s Website. Find & follow MinddogTV on FacebookTwitterYouTube & Instagram.

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