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Low Key Trash (PODCAST)


Well-crafted thirty-minute episodes with plenty of personality, Low Key Trash is a fresh-faced indie podcast with a likable, nostalgic aura.

While still in its early days, this feels like an established show. The hosting duo back and forth on the bigger issues in life, yet their intimacy, their honesty, the tone of voice, and the lo-fi chill-hop backing music, all lets it connect in a less than heavy manner.

Immediately there’s a welcoming, comforting vibe to the whole thing. I was reminded a little of Theo Von’s style, fused with a contemporary vlogging mood, and a new pair of characters to get to know.

Morals & Opinions is one of the most recent episodes and actually makes for a great starting point. Topically relevant to our time, to the way many of us live our lives, issues like marriage, relationships, success and social media all come into question. The duo tackle these matters in a relatable fashion, leading the conversation in a way that feels genuine – as if this is how they’d be discussing things whether you were listening or not. They reflect on the past, how things have changed – the times have evolved but the people, the humans, still maintain those same needs and desires.

Given the title, the future of the show remains an open plain – anything and everything can come to light, yet whatever it turns out to be, it makes sense in this setting. The laid-back vibes make it easy to let the podcast play as you go about your daily tasks or your commute. At the same time, each episode offers a little more insight, a stronger connection, with the hosts.

Nicely done, well worth exploring.

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