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Los Town Radio (PODCAST)


Perhaps it’s made a significant difference to listen to this podcast at such a trying time, but in any case – Los Town Radio is one of the most laid-back, authentic and enjoyable indie shows around right now. It makes for a worthy hit of escapism – or a calmer view of the world – whenever you need a little break.

A well-aged podcast already, Los Town Radio have uploaded a plethora of episodes, and they’ve categorically found their flow and energy as an independent, unique podcast – by throwing themselves into the process so extensively.

Featuring easy-going hosts, reflecting on the current state of our times, while notably chilled-out soundscapes play in the background, Los Town Radio feels genuinely like a late-night chat with friends. Whether you’re sharing a drink, a smoke, or self-isolating alone and missing the sound of real communication, this is an easy go-to. From stories to personal insight, societal references to intimate thought patterns, feelings to facts – everything finds its rightful place.

A calming, deeply human yet realistic and pure indie podcast, from a group of hosts with relevantly, topically considerate mindsets. Well worth sitting back for.

Check out all episodes on Anchor. Find & follow Los Town Radio on Facebook or visit their Website.

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