As far as pop songs go, this is precisely the kind of piece you could expect to hear on various mainstream radio stations – the familiarity, the memorable nature of the hook, the concept and this underlying idea of togetherness; it all breathes life and optimism into the scene.


The whole thing builds up from the offset and works hard to surround and embrace its audience. At the final hurdle, The Blackmail Seduction remind you that a real-time gig is the place to be – these songs will undoubtedly explode into new realms of life during a live set. Brilliant songwriting and a pleasure to have fill the room. 


Wildnite break things down to the raw & acoustic for Days Of No Trust. Their heavier side still shines brightly, there’s a depth to this – think back to the days of MTV unplugged, Alice in Chains & the likes, this alternative, progressive hard-rock sound when stripped of its distortion & weight.


Bringing through the classic energy & angst of punk rock, alongside of something a little more creative & structurally organic, Built is a huge single – impossible to ignore from the offset, and one that connects a little more intensely with each revisit. 

Punk RockRock

You can love this as a fan of house & EDM in general – unlike the more common pop-EDM fusions that rob the listener of their initial attachment to either of those genres. DBT has a clear connection to the music & an understanding of what works, so this finely tuned, beautifully crafted release stands out in a subtle, not screaming for attention manner.

Deep HouseEDMHouseProducer

As a survivor, Shamim is able to offer a balance between the third person narrative and a little more of the emotions and the thought processes that accompany a life under the thumb of addiction.