The instrumentation seems to take a little influence from various styles & genres, fusing it all to create this sort of classical-folk-rock ambiance, upon which the leading voice & storylines play out like emotional, mildly theatrical indie-rock anthems.

AmericanaFolk RockRock

Christian Heath knows how to write a pop song that feels all at once new & comfortingly familiar. The EP is well crafted, an easy choice for fans of alternative or upcoming pop with a dash of fresh personality. 


Taking a touch of John Butler Trio & a dash of something a little more pop-driven – Jason Mraz comes to mind – Jack Shea offers up a refreshingly well crafted, uplifting soundscape & melody for his unapologetically honest new single.

Folk PopPopSka

A self-proclaimed rock star with a fondness for rap music, though that’s something of an understatement. A heavy project, skillfully crafted, with volume, depth & delicacy. Worth exploring as the summer months grow closer. 


The instrumentation is brilliant, a live show would fill the room with peaceful energy & flawlessly skinful musicianship – with just a touch of electronic experimentation to keep a certain thread of alternative energy alive.


D Brown’s Manchild bring about the nostalgic raw energy of a Jimi Hendrix performance. The song offers a smooth yet gritty gathering of electric guitars & all round soulful, passionate musicianship.