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Let’s Talk About it With Fe! (PODCAST)


These short, often sub-ten-minute segments that make up the podcast Let’s Talk About it With Fe! proceed to cover a range of topics from self-improvement to topical news items and everything in between.

Though still in its early days, the podcast has touched on issues like keeping the peace, insecurity, and more broadly inclusive topics like the current protests and riots taking place across the US.

Fe’s personality and manner of hosting take the form of a confident, leadership type. The length of the podcast episodes means that only the most crucial, in the moment ideas make it onto the air, and these two qualities combined prove quickly captivating, heartfelt, and, in many cases, re-energizing.

There’s a certain passion and drive to Fe’s tone and delivery that reinforces her belief in what she speaks, and further draws focus to the inspiring and motivational concepts at the center of each episode. The sound quality has also improved significantly across recent releases, which means that as Fe continues to find her groove as a niche podcast host, the show will simultaneously gather increasing momentum and appeal.

Whether it’s discussing the difference between positive minded and negative minded people, or talking close-up confrontation and experience on the front line with regard to the current protests and the rising tension between civilians and police – no subject is out of reach, and no statement bound to be censored. Fe keeps things real, leading with personal honesty every step of the way.

Check out all episodes via Anchor.

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