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Lets Taco About It! (PODCAST)


Richard and Luis host the San Diego-based topical indie podcast that is Let’s Taco About It! The phrase encapsulates a love for good tacos and good conversation alike, immediately inviting a sense of welcome and oneness. It’s important to talk, and socializing over something as simple as tacos is a treat many of us have been missing over the past couple of months.

Often welcoming guests onto the show, episodes dig deep into a plethora of topics, from sports to quarantine and even to murder. A recent episode sees guest Jorge Vasquez talk openly about a tragic family murder from his past. The topic is heavy, yet the tone is calm, factual yet genuine. The host’s allow the guest plenty of time to speak, and create a generally welcoming, inquisitive environment from the offset, which effectively starts up the conversation in a manner that keeps you gripped and involved throughout.

Though still in its early days, there are thirteen episodes of Let’s Taco About It available on all major podcast streaming platforms. Sometimes the hosts lead the chat with their own anecdotes and experiences, other times they welcome in experts from particular fields, or friends with fascinating stories to tell. Much of the content is inspiring to listen to, most of it is deeply human by nature, and all of it is presented and produced in a professional and succinct manner.

From current global topics to personal stories and experiences – Let’s Taco About It is limitless in terms of its potential and real-life appeal.

Check out all episodes via Buzzsprout. Find & follow the Show on Instagram or find hosts Richard & Luis.

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