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Let’s Go Brandon Green – Alternative Media PODCAST


Australian digital nomad and family-man Brandon Green presents the no-holds-barred podcast Let’s Go Brandon Green – a freestyle conversation chamber with dozens of episodes to its repertoire since inception in 2022.

Episodes range from two minutes in length to forty on occasion, largely concise reflections on any and all topics that peak Brandon Green’s interest.

Clips from the now infamous Dr John Campbell feature in November 15th’s episode on Excess Deaths in 2023 – a post-Covid investigation reflecting on the true impact of the pandemic. Brandon reacts to the statistics presented, but reacting is far from the exclusive approach of the Let’s Go Brandon Green Podcast.

Brandon’s transparency as host is refreshing, from topical and political observations right the way inward to personal reflections and stories from his past – Let’s Go Brandon Green achieves a wholly vulnerable status in the current landscape. Consider his exploration of Psychiatric Care for the episode ‘I got admitted to the psyche ward as a totally sane individual!’

Somewhat anti-establishment in its alternative media approach, the Let’s Go Brandon Green Podcast tackles many of the bigger issues from the perspective of a well-traveled individual – varied insight on many of the topics that most people learn about only through mainstream news. Several episodes from the past year delve into politics, border control, division and Donald Trump, but interwoven amidst these are lighter and often comedic episodes discussing themes like raising toddlers and influencer boxing.

Real people, real chats and observations, with an intention to interview guests and share platforms to build a community – Let’s Go Brandon Green makes its own rules and in the process delivers an alternative perspective and array of contemplations on health, politics, global leadership and personal turmoil. Likely to connect with audiences interested in the other side of the story.

Check out Let’s Go Brandon Green via Apple. Find Brandon Green on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & his Website.

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