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Let Them Eat Grass (PODCAST)


When 100% of us eat, and only 1% of us farm – we have a math problem…

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For the many of us who’ve spent a fair amount of time digging deep into what’s really best for our planet and our health – which diets and which methods of farming, where to buy our food, which food to buy – Let Them Eat Grass proves to be a vastly informative, hands-on exploration of precisely those issues.

Austin Williams hosts this independent podcast – a farmer, a worker who lives and breathes the world of farming and providing food for a nation, and his insight is incredibly valuable right now.

Recent episodes of Let Them Eat Grass have addressed with facts and actionable advice, topics ranging from the Amazon fires – this year compared to way back in the nineties – local verses global food sources, the effect of using cows for food, and plenty more. Within this though, rather than speaking purely from the perspective of an individual who works on a single farm all day, Austin’s discussion is clearly well-researched. He gets right into the science of things, the real concerns regarding the Amazon fires – the burning trees being the main problem; not the lack of oxygen. He gets straight to the point, keeping things on track throughout these fifteen minute segments, making sure listeners walk away feeling informed and with a slightly better grasp of modern farming and the current state of the world and its food production industries.

Austin Williams aims to educate the masses on the importance of ‘real’ food, on the apparent lies that are spread by mainstream media regarding conventional food production, on the importance of us eating less meat, and the necessity of ending conventional agriculture as we know it. Austin draws your focus towards local farming, the value it can have for your health, your community, and your planet, and he provides beneficial ideas as to how to find a local farmer you can trust.

Do your research, always, but by all means get your information from those who know and who spend their days immersed in all of this. Well worth a listen.

Check out all episodes & find out more via the Let Them Eat Grass Website.

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