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Just Na Science (PODCAST)


This feels like a long-awaited, much needed podcast, which I for one am extremely happy to stumble upon.

Lauren and Nick host the uniquely investigative Just Na Science, a podcast that attempts to uncover the worst of the fake science that has flooded our online platforms in recent years.

Everything from the home-made memes to bizarre conversations or debates in the comments under questionable news articles, Just Na Science dispel the myths and brings you only the absolute facts from the front-line.

Already 23 episodes deep, the show has so far covered a plethora of topics, from exotic pets to anatomy, weight-loss to the current global pandemic. Often welcoming experienced and knowledgable guests from various relevant fields, episodes take a realistic, notably human approach to discussion, without letting this lead the way over the ultimate truth and detail that actually matters.

The Covid-19 pandemic does make up a significant chunk of recent episodes, and rightly so – being that it’s drastically affecting all of us and thus the majority of news and media outlets are solely covering it.

Women In STEM with Julia Ravey makes for a great starting point, but the newly famed Tiger King also makes an appearance in subsequent episodes, and the most recent show features insightful and revealing, valuable interviews with two workers under 30 who tested positive for Coronavirus in New York. There’s also an interview with a nurse who reflects on what things are really like in the Intensive Care Units right now.

Actively sidestepping the media’s coverage of the pandemic, this is front-line insight from those who are physically and mentally enveloped in the crisis as and when it’s happening. Testing, numbers, symptoms, time-scales, projections – everything you need to know about the new Coronavirus. This is categorically worth listening to if you’re at all interested in the truth.

Just Na Science is one of the easier science-related podcast to listen to, the hosts deliver a laid-back, welcoming dynamic, and the illuminating nature of each episode leaves you feeling far more informed and capable of successfully navigating your way through all that 2020 and beyond might inflict upon us.

Check out all episodes on Castbox or iTunes. Find & follow Just Na Science on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, visit their Website, or get involved via Patreon.

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