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PODCAST – It Could Always Be Worse


Are you surrounded in life at times by an endless stream of whining complainers? Of course! We all are! Do you sometimes lose perspective and find yourself looking to re-focus? Then we have the show for you!

Join Michael Tocci and Adam Lees for It Could Always Be Worse, a podcast dedicated to providing the perspective you need to appreciate what truly matters in life. Each week Michael and Adam use their dark sense of humor while highlighting stories of suffering, tragedy and calamity on personal, community and global levels from the viewpoint of the victims to help you and your loved ones remain grateful for your own lives, and provide you with the knowledge to shut down the whining maggots that we all encounter in life.

It Could Always Be Worse – The podcast that proves there is nothing worth complaining about, except those without the perspective to stop complaining. Available on Apple Podcasts and everywhere that podcasts are available. Subscribe here. Find & follow them on Twitter.

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