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Into The Bubble PODCAST


Drawing focus to the increasingly problematic nature of biased, personally-catered media, Into The Bubble delves into the right-wing political bubbles many civilians unknowingly find themselves in thanks to our uniquely designed media diets.

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Join us as we journey deep into the right wing media bubble and listen to some of the voices that have President Trump’s ear. We will also explore some of the big issues of the day and see how perspectives differ across the media landscape.

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A recent episode takes an In Review format, featuring year-wide issues, with insight and opinions from both the left and the right, and laying out the facts, the truth, in time for the upcoming, Globally impactful election.

It’s always refreshing to listen to unbiased forums, though evidently, it’s fascinating, and revealing, to listen to those that are explicitly biased, in ways we might never otherwise experience if we’re not directly involved in particular circles.

There doesn’t appear to be a specific angle at work here, despite the show’s attempt to expose realities alongside info dispatched within the right wing bubble – there’s no filler from the podcast itself, nor propaganda or playing to the audience. The format is professional, a little reinforcement from music occasionally adds intensity, not unlike Radiolab, but for the most part the conversation takes an interesting and revealing pathway.

The only problem is that the subject matter here, and the delivery, is a little too intriguing and captivating to simply have play as background noise. Not a podcast to be left playing in the distance, rather one to utilize for a broader awareness or to hopefully inspire a more thorough manner of research and thought. Already sixteen episodes deep, there’s plenty to catch up on.

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