REVILUTION - "Give the audience a show, not just a performance. I’d love to integrate flashpots & confetti cannons." - Stereo Stickman

REVILUTION “Give the audience a show, not just a performance. I’d love to integrate flashpots & confetti cannons.”


REVILUTION’s finely tuned rock sound is making waves right now thanks to musical prowess, unity between band members, and a clear and shared passion for the music they make. We caught an interview with the band to find out more about their background and their plans for the future. Here’s how it went. 

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Hi guys. Thanks for the interview! Who was the last artist you listened to today?

Marie B, vocals: Prince, Sign O The Times.

Scott Flint, guitar/vocals: REVILUTION.

Dan Seitz, vocals/guitar: The Treatment, a great hard rock band that Marie and I saw live with Kiss a few years ago. Love their stuff!

If you could meet any musical artist, who would it be, and why?

Dan: Geezer Butler. He’s an amazing writer, and I’d love to get some tips from him.

Marie: Joan Jett, because I haven’t met her yet, and I think she is a very talented person who has stayed in the music industry for many decades.

Scott: Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine. He’s such a great player and his innovating skills are second to none.

Favorite places to go in Los Angeles when you wanna cut loose?

Marie: Long Beach. I liked DiPiazza’s because the vibe is chill and the pizza is good. I also like the Whisky A Go Go because we built a history there, seeing great performances like Lita Ford, Winger, Last In Line, Glenn Hughes, and RaDIUM. Then we performed there with our band.

Scott: Pretty much it’s bar-hopping to check out all the new bands out there, and to size up our competition. (laughing)

Dan: So far the Whisky has been my favorite place, but I haven’t a chance to check out the Viper Room yet, and I’ve only been to the Rainbow a couple times. If I can get a chance to just go explore, maybe I’ll find a new favorite and then I’ll let you know.

How do you prepare for road trips with the band?

Marie: I hostess band rehearsals, singing to prepare my parts and keep my voice strong, doing the laundry and working with the fellas to map the best route and find places to stay. It depends on what the trip is for. The first trip I ever went on that was band-related there was a list of songs to choose from to rehearse. They were other bands’ songs and I practiced my favorite vocalist, Sebastian Bach. The song was Skid Row’s “I Remember You.” I did that on the off-chance I might get to sing it with him. Now the songs are mostly ours so I practice the vocals for those.

Scott: We all have a little list of things to bring, but we also book hotel rooms well in advance of the play date to save money, of course. And then we map our trip so we know where the hell we’re going so we don’t get lost lost like I tend to do! (laughing) I tell the band, “I’m not lost, I’m taking the scenic route!”

Dan: Make sure we’re taking the right gear and that it works, make sure we have a somewhat-cohesive itinerary. I’m still learning how to plan rest breaks, I tend to get caught up in the idea of getting there and forget to stop. And definitely know what songs we’re going to play and stay brushed up on them.

If you could RECORD anywhere in the world where would it be & why?

Dan: Long Beach Arena, where most of Iron Maiden’s “Live After Death” album was recorded. I’d love to do an epic live album like that!

Marie: Springfield, Oregon, so I could visit Graveyard Carz. I’ve been to the city before and it’s a beautiful place to travel. The people I met are down-to-Earth and easy to strike up a conversation with.

Scott: I would go back to World Famous Studios in Lakewood, CO. Pete DeBoer, the engineer and owner of the place, has an incredible ear for music and knows how to add the magic to our recordings.

What do you think constitutes for a great live performance?

Marie: Since every show and venue is different, it can be a challenge to get the sound right for the band and audience both. I also think engagement with audience members is part of that. Our best show so far has been Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas, and it was because we had a great audience. Those people know how to be entertained!

Scott: I would say communicate with your audience right from the start. They’ll feel a connection to the band and it makes the event more intimate for the audience.

Dan: Give the audience a show, not just a performance. I’d love to integrate flashpots and confetti cannons at some point.

How often do you guys rehearse and how do you keep it fun?

Marie: We rehearse once a week all together, and do our homework on our own. Sometimes Dan and I will head into the studio and work on specific things, like guitar solos or polishing up new material for upcoming shows. We keep it fun by talking about the shows, or maybe wearing fun outfits like the T-shirts from the Double Down Saloon. Also, sometimes candy is involved.

Scott: Keeping it fun just comes naturally because we crack each other up constantly, we’re all jokers.

Dan: We definitely try to keep it light during rehearsal. Crack jokes, laugh a little if someone makes a mistake, throw out some improv, that kind of thing. I also like learning the other members’ styles, chords and scales that I don’t know.

How do you keep the new material coming?

Marie: New material is worked on all the time. For me, I tend to write ideas down and sketch or take pictures. I’ll get an idea for an album name or song or artwork and I have to get it down so I won’t forget it before it can be created.

Scott: We all are writing all the time, even when we’re not together. That way someone is always bringing something new to the table.

The last concert you attended that wasn’t your own?

Marie: I don’t remember, but the next one is Judas Priest. I’ve got two of the best seats in the house, I want to experience the metal greatness! We even got the T-shirts! It will just be me and Dan this time.

Dan: It was either Queensryche or Last In Line, it’s been a while.

Scott: SLAYER! Awesome show, awesome band!

Anything else you would like to share with our readers about your upcoming plans or new releases? 

Marie: The only thing I can say about upcoming plans or new releases is that everything we do gets better with time. Today I was contacted about autographed CDs and pictures. So, we should get some individual pictures made and some of the band together for fans who want autographed things. I’m really feeling a movie in our future, too, but don’t tell anyone I said that.

Scott: Play everywhere we can, play our asses off at every show, and win fans over worldwide.

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