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Inspired by Failure (PODCAST)


Lessons learned from the journey of epic ideas…

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Hosted by Michi Yamamoto, the Inspired By Failure Podcast is a show that directly welcomes on-board inventors from various fields, to talk about their successes and their failures; what did and didn’t work along the way, and what they learned from it.

Seeing the discussions range throughout various forms of technology, episodes invite the guests to dig deep into their own ideas and inventions, their thought processes and what inspired and motivated them, and ultimately – which ideas worked out, which didn’t, and why.

For the science and tech fans, this podcast is a must – the topics within are fairly niche in nature but speak out in a broad and welcoming manner to anyone with an interest in modern tech developments or even inventing for themselves.

A recent episode welcomed Christopher Bean onto the show, the inventor of the Micro Electric Turbine System. The host impressively leads with crucial, inquisitive questions that allow Bean to delve into the world of solar, wind, electricity generation on the whole, in a manner that proves fascinating and insightful at every step.

The current world we live in is very climate focused, people are looking hard to find ways of eliminating carbon emissions, so this technology brings a lot to the table… Christoper Bean.

As well as talking openly on the details of the invention and the scientific background that led to it, the podcast host poses questions such as what is the market landscape, and what were the biggest challenges you faced, the latter of which has the effect of opening up a level of realness within the discussion, subsequently bridging the gap between guest and audience. It also works well to remind the average listener that even the greatest minds come face to face with difficulties and forks in the road.

Although still in its early days, the topics covered so far on Inspired By Failure already have many bases covered, and at merely fifteen to twenty five minutes per episode, these are easy snippets of information and inspiring content to help get you through your day in a beneficial and motivational manner.

Michi Yamamoto’s clearly passionate and interested approach to interviewing guests, as well as his in-depth research before-hand, helps make this an unmissable podcast – particularly for those with an interest in technological advancements, climate change, and science and tech in general.

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