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Independent Music Monday – One-Hour-Wonder, Playlist


Kicking off a fresh tradition with a superb playlist of originals, coming in at a pristinely satisfying one hour on the dot, Independent Music Monday is our new weekly Spotify playlist designed to introduce you to the best under-the-radar releases from the past seven days.

Spanning across genres, from EDM to rock, soul, folk, hip hop, Americana, metal, trip hop and everything in between – welcoming artists, bands and producers from all edges of the globe, Independent Music Monday makes for an easily digestible alternative to the mainstream. It’s a playlist you can turn to whenever you need a quick hour of music, or want to discover some of the most immersive and impressive underground talent on the scene; of which there is genuinely so, so much.

Updated weekly – as in completely refreshed with a new collection of releases – Independent Music Monday will be here for you like clockwork. The very best releases, from independent names, ready and waiting to embrace and uplift you.

Enjoy – and don’t forget to seek out the acts you’re a fan of to let them know you support what they’re doing. We’ll be sure to tag each week’s artists in our social posts to make it easier to connect with them.

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Independent Music is Alive and Thriving – Be Part Of It – Your Music, Your Move.

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Stereo Stickman is an online music magazine offering the latest in underground music news, as well as a platform through which unsigned artists can reach a wider audience.

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