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Impactful Coaching – Lead To Succeed (PODCAST)


Impactful Coaching‘s Naphtali Hoff hosts this new and insightful podcast aimed at helping listeners understand and better equip themselves for the world of business and leadership. Featuring an array of guests throughout its episodes, Lead to Succeed digs deep into a range of topics, and does so in an experienced, knowledgeable, and actionable manner.

Hearing the host and his guests talk about their own personal journeys to success is not only inspiring and motivational, but proves incredibly beneficial in terms of achieving a stronger grasp of concepts such as investing and building a brand.

A recent episode entitled The Success Correlation, welcomes real estate investor and founder of LA’s Asym Capital, Hunter Thompson, on-board to talk about his pathway to success; what worked along the way, what went wrong, how he overcame struggles and forks in the road. In the same discussion, and indeed throughout the Podcast to date, Naphtali himself showcases his own experienced and inspiring background and character, bringing listeners twice the value in every case. At the same time, the Lead to Succeed host makes sure to keep things on topic and focused so as to provide only the most relevant and important details. 

As an example, Hoff directly asks Thompson what methods he has used to get to where he is. Not merely accepting vague quotes and references, Hoff gets straight into the intricacies – the tips, the tools, the mentors, the examples, the facts. Where many shows and resources of this nature offer blanket statements about hard work and dedication, this podcast breaks it down to the raw essentials, so that you can get straight to action and utilize everything you’ve learned to start bettering your business or your venture today.

Lead to Succeed is an incredibly valuable podcast that’s proving to be more than worth the listen for individuals who seek to head out into or become more knowledgeable in the vast unknown that is leadership and entrepreneurship. 

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Lead to Succeed dives deep into personal leadership journeys, seeking to understand how leaders got to where they are today, and the challenges & successes that they experienced along the way.

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Check out all episodes via the Website, iTunes or Stitcher. Find & follow Naphtali Hoff on Twitter & Instagram.

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