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IFM CONCERT – Colombes Ran Review


We heard an impressive array of original complex pop songs at Colombes Ran’s latest concerts at IFM Anlakely. Beautiful. A deep classical core was at the root of the band’s sound, which tends to perform expressive long pieces – some soft, some loud, and always excellently rocking.

In her performances, Colombes also danced and sang at the same time as well as hit impressive high notes with graceful power – and that’s her real (and well-known) signature sound.

For years, Colombes Ran has been considered an important voice among the nation’s best singers, and her upcoming concert at Malagasy’s most respected venue, CCESCA Antanimena, is already making waves as a most intriguing music event of Malagasy Pop Rock.

In the forefront of the competitive new generation of contemporary stars, her long–time reputation is growing even faster, not only thanks to her eccentric yet elegant style, imagination and creation of intricate melodic lines that’s all her own, but also because of the way she leads her band to treat the music.   

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