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Kicking off with some quickly uplifting good vibes, the IFL Jiu-Jitsu podcast is a uniquely focused and fascinating show that sets the bar high from the offset and refuses to fall below par throughout.

I F*cking Love Jiu-Jitsu is an independent podcast that revolves around the art of Jiu-Jitsu but is by no means limited to that discipline. On the contrary, episodes dig deep into the various intricacies of life itself – beginning with the host’s own knowledge of martial arts, but quickly expanding outwards into everyday life. Topics such as sport and medicine are frequently touched upon, as well as broader concepts like stress management, mental health, nutrition, and numerous different practices and approaches to self-improvement and well-being in general.

The set-up is immediately likable, the music introducing the show presents a chilled out vibe, and the speakers who proceed to lead the discussion are equally welcoming and decidedly honest and open as they tell their personal stories and connect with the themes at hand.

The IFL Jiu-Jitsu podcast is just three episodes in so far – easy to catch up on, but already of an impressively high quality so as to make tuning in for future episodes a high priority. The opening show is one that outlines its intentions well. Whether you’re a participant in Jiu-Jitsu already, are considering it, or are not yet aware of its therapeutic benefits at all but are looking for a way to improve your own physical abilities and well being – there’s plenty within that will offer a helping hand.

A later episode entitled This One’s For Chip! leads with a detailed story-line but goes on to openly consider the depths of insecurity and nervousness – why these create such overwhelming feelings and physical difficulties. While there’s a definite backbone of sport and Jiu-Jitsu to much of the show, at no point does this become anything less than a bridge between those who simply wish to discuss the deeply human trials and tribulations we all seem to go through.

Absolutely worth discovering, an insightful and thoughtful lifestyle podcast, presented with a level of patience and respect but also informally crafted so as to let it feel like a genuine, uninhibited conversation between friends. A calming and rewarding way to spend an hour.

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