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How To Get Your Music Noticed On Spotify


You can’t just post your music on Spotify and expect it to get noticed without taking steps to promote it. Even though there is no sure-fire recipe for success, there are some steps that you can take that can improve the chances of people finding your music. Try putting the seven tips below into action to start getting more attention on Spotify.

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Don’t release everything at the same time.

There is no requirement saying that you have to release your single or album everywhere at the same time. Instead, you may want to try to get people to purchase the single on the day that you release it. That means that you should wait for a couple of weeks after you officially release your single to make it available for streaming on Spotify.

Buy Spotify Followers

This can be a great way to work the Spotify algorithm to grow the amount of listens and notice you get on Spotify. If you buy Spotify followers you can be sure it can help you and your band significantly.

Put together playlists.

One of the great things about Spotify is that it makes it easy for a song to go viral, largely because it is connected to Facebook. Although you can wait for people to add your song to their own playlists, you can jump start things by creating your own.

In order for this to work, however, you need to make playlists that don’t just contain songs that you have recorded. Instead, mix your music in with songs by similar artists who are already popular. Don’t go overboard adding your tracks to the mix. Instead, slip one or two of the best songs on your album into the playlist. That way, you can introduce your songs to people who are already interested in the style of music that you play.

Cross promote with other unsigned artists.

One of the great things about the music industry is that most artists support one another. Find some unsigned bands that you enjoy. Put together playlists that incorporate their music. With any luck, they will also add your music to their own playlists. This can dramatically increase the number of playlists that your songs are on, meaning that you stand a much better chance of connecting with people who will love your music. It is also a cinch to share playlists, making it easy to suggest songs to your friends.

Ride the coattails of other songs.

This trick may seem a little bit sneaky but it definitely works. A little while ago, I happened to be listening to the radio when Eminem’s Airplanes track came on. I got on Spotify right away and search for it. The first band that came up in the search listings for airplanes was named Local Natives. Out of curiosity, I listened to that song and fell in love with the band. Since then, I purchased their album and even went to see one of their live shows.

If you name your songs with similar names to songs that are already popular, you may be able to get more traffic from people searching on Spotify. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t do this with all of your songs. However, if you do have some songs that you haven’t named yet, you may want to consider going with a name that is similar to a song that is popular right now. This simple technique could help you get a lot more people listening to your music.

Advertise on Facebook.

Facebook ads give you the opportunity to advertise directly to people who have liked Spotify. In your ad, you can link directly to one of your tracks. You can also specify precise demographics for the people who view your ad ranging from where they are located to their age. For instance, if you have an upcoming show in a particular city, you can target your ad to people who live in the area who are 21 and over, linking them directly to your song on Spotify. Typically, the best approach with this technique is to send them straight to the song that you want them to hear rather than sending them to your Spotify page.

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