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Horsing Around With Alyssa (PODCAST)


A uniquely niche podcast yet one that’s brilliantly inspiring, engaging, and a total pleasure to listen to.

Horsing Around With Alyssa documents the experiences of an amputee, as a horse rider, and welcomes on other inspiring guests with unusual and interesting stories. Each episode is undoubtedly set to remind you of the possibilities in life, the variety of hardships, and that any difficulty can be overcome if you truly believe in better.

Though still a fairly new podcast, spanning back to just this past December, episodes are pouring through quickly. Alyssa dedicates as much time and effort to the show as she does the other aspects of her life, and each segment proves to be loaded with honesty, insight, vulnerability, and strength.

The opening episode is actually the perfect place to begin – Alyssa introduces herself, lays out her story and the intentions of the podcast. However, more recent episodes still touch on everything about her life, and the struggles and successes that have come along the way.

A recent episode entitled My Experience as an Amputee, Part 2 goes through Alyssa’s dating journey, leading with relatable stories which, for the most part, emerge with an accessible sense of reality. At the same time, the insecurities for an amputee prove notably different to most of ours, but the way Alyssa talks about this, her softly confident tone and openness, subtly bridges the gap between the different struggles and doubts that come with existence. It makes for an ultimately immersive, calming, and deeply human Podcast, which shines a light on the inner workings and intricacies of daily life for an amputee.

Having already featured a few different guests from various backgrounds, Horsing Around With Alyssa is quickly gaining traction and finding its flow as a uniquely themed yet broadly accessible independent podcast. Alyssa’s unwillingness to be fake or to sugarcoat the truth is wonderfully refreshing, and her genuinely inquisitive, interested and friendly manner of questioning brings out equally compelling qualities in each of her guests. Defiantly a show to check in with over the coming months.

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