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Horror / CreepyPasta (PODCAST)


Designed and delivered by a clear fan of the horror genre and story-telling on the whole, Horror / Creepy Pasta is a unique new podcast that promises an unsettling half hour or so of listening dedicated to leaving you more than a little uneasy.

Sharing with his audience a plethora of authors and stories that fascinate, the host presents each episode with a calm and quiet tone and volume, making this an easy choice to listen to right before bedtime (if you dare).

A recent release entitled It Lives In The Music offers a rightfully intriguing yet strangely creepy undertone, and goes on to present a captivating, edge-of-your-seat story that leaves you looking back over your shoulder and your musical catalogue.

The scenes set before you quickly move from familiar and accessible, to eerie and outright gross. The protagonist takes you through the details of his experience and the host makes you all but forget the story aspect and feel as if this is a genuine tale being relayed precisely how it happened.

As a music fan, it’s easy to get lost in this particular story, though be warned it doesn’t quite turn out as many happier, more inspiring stories tend to. The concept of hidden messages in your favorite music does leave you wondering what truths you might have missed.

Elsewhere in the collection, stories touch on a broad range of settings and situations, and though it’s still in its early days, Horror / Creepy Pasta proves a professionally crafted, reliable niche go-to that guarantees to hold your attention and intrigue right the way through.

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