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Holy Sh*t: Lessons from the Dojang (PODCAST)


Getting close to 100 episodes, this is one show that makes its own rules and proves brilliantly interesting, entertaining, and unpredictable every step of the way.

Holy Shit asks the question: What’s it like when a martial arts master and an attorney get together to discuss the issues of the moment? And the answer is – probably not what you’re expecting.

This is precisely the right way to describe this show. Though it’s not all arbitrary points and discussions – on the contrary, each episode has a direction, an underlying intention, and the two hosts provide balanced and fascinating approaches and insight that help really create a strong dynamic and a podcast that holds tight to your attention throughout.

Master Patsy Zarilla and Frank Natale, Esq take on all the hot topics of today, keeping you up to date with current trends, news items, cultural shifts. The whole set-up is designed to create a laid-back, welcoming and strangely calming environment – making it the perfect choice for escaping from the rat-race but not completely cutting yourself off from the changing details of the modern world.

A recent episode entitled Bill Taylor, Independents and let’s go storm a room tackles precisely what the title promises, and does so in an authentic and free kind of way.

Driving with unwavering honesty, an exclusively live and unedited recording style, and a set of personalities that are far more in line with the average civilian than a lot of the more celebrity-focused or bigger podcasts and resources tend to be, Holy Sh*t: Lessons from the Dojang is a valuable and inclusive show.

Not for the faint of heart, nor family friendly in many cases, but absolutely on point when it comes to current issues across the political, social and cultural landscape.

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