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Hoardganize – Collector Care (PODCAST)


Happiness is a place between too little & too much.

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Rachel Seavey hosts the weekly podcast Hoardganize aimed at those of us who tend to collect and hoard anything and everything; to the point that we’re surrounded by unnecessary clutter.

A recent episode deals with the all-too familiar habit of collecting bags. Rachel deals with possible alternatives to hoarding – utilizing what we already have, instead of obsessing and increasing the collection consistently “None of us want to be the bag lady.”

“Welcome the Fall with a lot less stuff – by participating in the 8 week Clutter Free Summer Challenge!”

As a host, Rachel talks in a totally accessible and light-hearted manner, reaching out in a relatable way to connect with and offer an understanding, helping hand to any and all listeners who want assistance or support in these areas.

Tune in every Sunday night at 6pm! Organizing Tips & Hacks from Professional Organizer Rachel Seavey.

Collector Care are professional organizers located in the San Francisco Bay Area. They serve all of Northern and Central California. The team specializes in residential organizing, hoarding and extreme clutter. They work with clients struggling with all levels of disorganization, as well as those with ADHD and hoarding disorder.

“We believe the spaces in which you spend time affect the state of your well-being. The results of organizing are profound. We’ll help you gain control of clutter and restore your living space – giving you a renewed sense of energy.

By prioritizing your goals, we’re able to personalize our organizing strategies and find the best solutions for immediate results and long-term maintenance.”

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Check out all episodes of the Podcast here. Find & follow Collector Care on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.

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