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Health & Wellness Connection – PODCAST


Dr Barry Iruke MD hosts the focused self-help podcast that is The Health and Wellness Connection. The show digs deep into various topics relating to health, wellness, weight loss, exercise, sleep, and everything in between.

Not only does Dr Barry MD offer medical and professional expertise and advise, he approaches this as someone who has directly experienced many of the health issues he talks about on the show; a main one being obesity. This balance between objectivity and the personal touch helps make this a notably unique and decidedly helpful, encouraging podcast – one that genuinely aims to offer relevant, actionable help and guidance.

A recent episode addresses the topic of processed food and whether or not these foods are making you fat. Dr Barry MD begins with factual events and data, utilizing researched information and studies, but also leading with a personal perspective and a manner of explanation that helps you come to a genuine conclusion at the end of the show. Whole foods are explored and referred to in contrast with highly processed food, and amidst this the studies looked at explore the links between certain types of food and weight gain and disease; all of which is laid out and clarified perfectly well.

What lets all of this sink in effectively is the fact that the host is notably welcoming and approachable in the way he tackles these topics. At no point does this feel like a lecture or anything preachy or above you – on the contrary, there’s something quickly likable and easy-going about the host’s tone of voice and the accessible manner in which he discusses the issues within.

The Health & Wellness Connection makes for an educational podcast that’s incredibly informative but also widely relatable, leading with an articulate and knowledgeable approach, taking otherwise complex and somewhat overwhelming statistics and presenting them in a much simpler, clearer fashion. The show is a pleasure to listen through thanks to a high quality recording style and a friendly, inclusive host who clearly knows his stuff when it comes to health and wellness.

Check out all episodes on Soundcloud. Find & follow Dr Barry Iruke MD on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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