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Good 4 the Sole (PODCAST)


Leading with a decidedly open and personal approach to podcasting, Shane Whelan’s Good 4 the Sole sees the host dig deep into a variety of topics from music to movies, fashion, art, entrepreneurship and general story-telling.

Kicking things off with a professional and likable soundtrack, followed by a voice that seems able to explore any and all conversation themes with ease, the podcast takes a fairly arbitrary pathway into both the light and heavy subjects that have been sweeping the entertainment world of late.

A recent episode welcomed in a new dynamic, seeing Joe Petro step up to the mic for an interview style back and froth that effectively lights up a whole new side of the show’s potential.

Elsewhere the balance between familiar films and choices for escapism with personal, intimate stories, works well to connect and hold tight to your attention.

As with any new podcast, the trick is getting the audience to connect with you as early as possible – to see authenticity in your character, to believe the opinions you share, and to feel actively involved in the discussion; regardless of the distance between you. It’s no easy thing to achieve, particularly as a new podcaster, but Shane’s openness, social intelligence and confidence seem to have struck a fine deal, offering all of the above in a natural manner.

Coming in at way past the one hour mark in most cases, Good 4 the Sole is essentially an easy hit of escapism in itself, reminding you of all the best releases and events that aimed for the same goal, and providing a laid-back, realistic background to your commute or the end of a long day.

The entrepreneurship references often prove particularly interesting, the whole thing presenting a kind of contemporary, twenty-something’s look at life and the ways in which we meander between career ambitions and personal goals on a day to day basis.

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