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Ghosts in the Machine – PODCAST


We’re stuck in meat machines on a stone in space. Let’s discuss.

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Ghosts in the Machine is a podcast that lets you know the vibe from the very first second it begins to play. In some ways, this is far from a serious look at life and existence, it’s in-depth, for sure, but not in the fashion you might more commonly expect. In other ways, I found myself thinking quite deeply on various issues and subjects, in a manner that I perhaps hadn’t before – or at least not for a while.

Take a recent episode as an example. Marketing kicks into gear with explicit language and unapologetically open story-telling – details regarding the warmth of poop in the hand are just a brief example. This is one thing you can rely upon the show for though – realness, silliness, a laid-back and strangely comforting look at various topics.

In this case, the title is likely to conjure up ideas quite different to the content within. Where many business-type podcasts will title a show marketing and proceed to ‘teach’ you how to effectively do it, Ghosts In The Machine target the very question of whether or not marketing should be banned. False advertising, fake media, fabricated information designed to make you buy – this is what they dig into, and it proves way more interesting and honest than anything else you’re likely to stumble upon of late; fusing critical thinking with hilarity in an unexpectedly brilliant way.

How would you sell a dog anus sandwich to a nun? She has to eat it.

How do you market yourself??

– Answers within.

Consider yourself educated and entertained all at once if you commit to an episode or two of Ghosts In The Machine. The hosts present themselves as quickly likable, open, unedited in some respects. So far we are merely in season two – still very much the beginning of the show’s journey. Already though, the topics covered vary and consistently fascinate, and the pace and level at which the hosts have found their flow is unquestionable.

A personal favourite Podcast from recent months, a genuinely niche show that tackles the commonly discussed topics but does so in a genuinely original and bizarrely relatable, enjoyable way. Featuring segments such as Suicide Corner (not quite what it may seem), the show is far from family friendly, but really this just increases its appeal – and its authenticity.

It’s like hanging out with your friends – some of which are philosophers, some comedians, some stoners. Often the discussion moves quickly and suddenly from comedic to deathly serious and dark. Expect the unexpected, and perhaps don’t listen through your speakers when you’re at work.

Other episodes so far cover topics ranging from the body to the end of the world, touching on feminism, obesity and privilege along the way. Eclecticism is key, variety is the spice of life, and at the very least – Ghosts In The Machine reminds you not to take things so seriously.

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