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Melbourne-based duo Steve and Cam host the musically focused and decidedly hilarious indie show that is Garage Rock Podcast.

While the topics range from festivals to tour announcements, all of the latest rock news, the first thing likely to grab you is the sheer chemistry between the hosts, and their clear love and enthusiasm for the process.

Mastering the art of laid-back, honest conversation, the duo each bring a unique personality to the table, and these two aspects create an entertaining dynamic. Whether in agreement or offering opposing sides to the story, it makes for a genuinely easy way to relax over an hour or so – particularly if you’re as avid a music fan as I am.

Recently celebrating their 100th Podcast episode, there’s plenty to catch up on, but it’s also clear from this latest release that the duo have long-since found their flow. Their confidence and professionalism is subtle yet reliable, and this, combined with their natural banter, proves comforting to have fill the room as you go about your day.

In addition to podcast episodes about music, their catalogue also features a number of interviews, which dig deep into creative topics with Australian and international artists, and are equally worth exploring – a number of Grammy Award winners and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers make appearances. And on top of this, of course, there’s the original online Garage Rock TV Show for you to dive into.

The 100th Episode, Good Things Are Coming, features details of Liam Gallagher’s Australian tour, amidst a few well-placed chuckles, as well as info about Unify Gathering, Good Things Festival, and announcements from British India and Slowly Slowly. There’s also talk of Robin Williams, plus Question Of The Week – bringing a good bit of nostalgia towards the end as the duo discuss the very first albums their listeners owned. Already rightfully thriving, this is a welcoming and fun community to get involved with.

For all of the latest rock news, festival and live show details and announcements, and to simply revel in a love for music with a couple of guys who work hard to keep you involved and updated, and who are genuinely funny and interesting to listen to, Garage Rock Podcast is a must. The hosts also make sure to introduce listeners to an array of new musicians and bands with their fresh playlists each episode – supporting independent artists while providing a place to share in a love for all things rock.

Let it play as you take care of your Monday morning admin – or fidget your way through a dull, gig-ticket-less evening at home. I look forward to tuning in again.

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