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Game Buzz by Cartridge Bros (PODCAST)


Bringing together gamers and gaming fans from around the world, Cartridge Bros showcase a fine balance between experience and a clear love for the process on this independent podcast.

Game Buzz is a weekly video game show that offers up news and discussions related to all of the latest headlines in the gaming world.

Brothers Mark and Sean present themselves as quickly likable, easy to listen to hosts who set the foundation well for a show that’s essentially a celebration of the gaming phenomena that brings so many millions of us such intense fun and escapism. Their laid-back approach is calming to have fill the room as you go about your day. The conversations have focus in each episode, but often times things veer off unpredictably – adding to that organic and genuine back-bone and helping create a scene that’s genuinely rooted in a love for gaming.

A recent episode touched on the launch of the new World Of Warcraft game – the consumer rush, the servers crashing – they talk about how times have changed, reflecting on today’s world and nostalgically looking back at when things were a little different. In every case, it’s comforting to listen to, and informative if you’ve an authentic interest in keeping up with the latest gamer news; releases, announcements, developments.

At around just 30 minutes per episode, the show is long enough to get into and have play for you for a significant chunk of time, but not so long that it requires you to set aside an entire evening (unless you’re planning on binge-listening to catch up; which you may well be after hearing just a fraction of the show.)

Mark and Sean drive with a shared knowledge of the gaming world alongside over six years experience in podcasting. They also present an interesting and often humorous back and forth – varied opinions, a natural chemistry and an ultimately unique and real dynamic. The result is an increasingly enjoyable, insightful yet entertaining podcast that effortlessly fulfills its role as the go-to resource for all things video game related.

Well worth knowing about. Enjoy!

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  1. This is a great new podcast from the guys who made Cartridge Bros, it’s going to stay on my weekly driving list as long as they keep putting it out.

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