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Free Beat Making Software – The 2023 Lowdown For Aspiring Producers


In the age of DIY music entrepreneurship, developing the skills to build your own empire as a creative is a mammoth of a task; and that’s playing it down a little.

Not only is improving your craft as a musician a lengthy undertaking, but acquiring the tech, the recording kit, and the software, can be its own beast entirely.

So, for the newbies to production, the aspiring producers, or those a little low on funds as 2023 swings into view, here we’ve compiled ten of the very best of the free beat making software programs.

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Looking to record new tunes? Cut back the commitment & download some free music production software to help you get started…

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Timeless, accessible, simple yet effective – GarageBand remains a versatile staple of the free music production tools realm, noting a range of features from virtual instruments to clips and samples. Download and get started – that’s all there is to it!


Equally well-know, Audacity earned its stripes as audio editing software, but can also be used for basic beat making and, at that level of use, is free to download and enjoy; and even contains some built-in effects.

FL Studio

Arguably one of the top resources as free beat making software for both PC and Mac, songwriters far and wide have been using FL Studio to lay down fresh recordings and ideas, as well as produce new beats from scratch.


Drum sequencing that’s easy to use and a great free resource for those just getting started in producing their own beats.


For the more niche tech heads, Linux-based beat making software MusE supports MIDI sequencing and audio recording for beat making and electronic music production at large.


Ordrumbox is a free drum machine software program enabling creation of original loops and patterns with a range of drum kits.


Again designed to program drums, Hydrogen is a dedicated and free beat making software option that utilizes an intuitive interface and offers unique support for beginners.

Magix Music Maker

Somewhat newer to the scene but incredibly popular, Magix is an esteemed beat making software program that allows you to edit and mix many styles of music.


An open-source DAW offering a comprehensive platform for recording, editing, and mixing music. This free music making software also supports MIDI.

LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio)

With presets aplenty and an easy to use interface, LMMS have excelled in the music production realm, and remain one of the best and free to use beat making programs around.

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Finding the right beat making software for your needs as a producer is like finding the right guitar – there are so many to choose from, and what’s right for one musician may be far from relevant to you. At least now you can try out each of these free beat making software programs, and see which suits your genre, style and pace of creativity the best.

You’re never committed to one program, so enjoy the process, and let us know in the comments which you found the most accessible and rewarding – we’ll gladly post about your latest track as a thank you for commenting.

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