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Forever Young – The Health Podcast


Leading with extensive experience in the field and a plethora of invaluable content, which promises to help listeners live a truly healthy and long life, Forever Young – The Health Podcast sees host Lanserhof interview an array of experts from all areas of the medicine and health fields.

Though this new English version of the Podcast is still in its early days, the detail and overall value of these episodes already impresses, and offers so much that can change your understanding of modern health and everyday living.

A recent episode, as an example, welcomed dermatologist Dr. Timm Golueke, to talk about protecting your skin, which ingredients to look out for in your skin-care routine, and how to effectively apply and benefit from the process. Dr. Golueke is the founder of renowned skin-care brand Royal Fern, and his knowledge and understanding of the topic clearly knows no bounds.

Other episodes so far dig deep into exercise – the importance of working out, and how to maximize your results – and escaping for spa breaks in Europe during the current pandemic.

Offering a strong variety of detail, from complex terms and lesser known science, to actionable, relatable facts that can easily be brought into your life as you attempt to make changes, the podcast gets straight into the good stuff from the offset. It presents absolutely no filler, and makes certain to stack up these sub-twenty-minute sessions with only the most crucial information.

Well worth subscribing to at this particular time in our lives. Learn from the best how to look after yourself and your family.

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