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For Arts’ Sake (PODCAST)


Providing a refreshing deep-dive into all things museum-related, For Arts’ Sake is a podcast that has professionally paved the way through a widely appreciated yet cleverly niche aspect of contemporary life.

Bringing together all manner of subjects in order to showcase what the purpose of museums really is – including who works there and what they actually do – the show proceeds to delve into the fact that museums have a fairly incomparable impact on people’s lives.

From education to exploration and simple good times, For Arts’ Sake attempts to leave no stone unturned as it welcomes on board a plethora of experts and lesser-known professionals from the museum industry.

Now in it’s second season, the show has rightfully gained some traction as a uniquely focused, educational podcast that celebrates a broad range of topics explored in the UK’s museums.

As you’d expect, the reach here is potentially limitless. So far, episodes have featured interviews with experts regarding topics such as autism and meditation, along with more all-encompassing, museum-related content like digital learning, walking tours, design, funding and diversity.

Undoubtedly a fast-growing and promising indie podcast, with a strong sense of educational authority and an insightful, well-researched set-up.

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