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Footballholics Anonymous (PODCAST)


Tackling precisely the topic implied by the title, Footballholics Anonymous takes an AA approach to discussing addictions to football in an upfront, humorous and unapologetic fashion.

American Football fanatics Mark and Brian dig deep into everything from the upcoming season to players, changes, predictions and even the likely impact of Coronovirus. Their informal yet knowledgeable approach makes for a welcomed alternative to the mainstream formats. The hosts speak as long-time fans, making the podcast’s title more than appropriate and inviting for those who share an addiction to the sport and everything surrounding it.

Though still in its early days, with ten episodes available so far, the Podcast has found its flow just in time for the new season, and by the clear passion and indeed obsessions the hosts share, future episodes are likely to really go in on anything and everything football related.

A popular niche presented in an accessible, laid-back manner – feeling like a chat between friends fused with a professional sports commentary.

Check out all episodes via iTunes or Anchor. Find & follow Footballholics Anonymous on Twitter.

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