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Fiddly Dicking (PODCAST)


Forty-minute episodes make up the aptly titled, arbitrary and uninhibited podcast that is Fiddly Dicking. A self-declared show about everything and nothing, Fiddly Dicking features a group of excitable friends effectively putting the world to rights from a plethora of different angles.

From injecting new life into simple Friends storylines, to discussing the boredom of lockdown and the reality of getting tested, the gang lead with comedic and often opposing personalities, which brings a plethora of perspectives and different energy levels to the discussion. This versatile set-up allows the whole thing to connect a little more strongly with each new episode you check into.

A recent session entitled Going Viral touches on all of the above, including a descriptive story from Don who details his experience of getting the antibody test. His theatrical outrage combined with his absolute willingness to be entirely himself does make for a fairly engaging listen.

Elsewhere episodes have so far touched on everything from cologne to springtime to quarantine to family stories. No subject is out of bounds, and no phrase is set to be censored.

Though still in its early days, there’s a likeable dynamic to this podcast – it makes for a light-hearted hit of escapism whenever the weight of the world gets a little too much. Unpredictable, impossible to pigeonhole, and easy to let play.

Check out all episodes here. Find & follow Fiddly Dicking on Instagram.

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