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Hi, I’m Ore. I decided to make a podcast because I’m tired of staying silent and acting like inequality doesn’t exist. I want my voice heard. I want to talk about how discrimination is going to continue being an issue for the minority. I am speaking up for what I believe in.

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Tackling a heavy yet crucial to discuss topic, Ore Oseni’s EQUALITY digs deep into contemporary racism, which so clearly impacts the lives of so many, but which is perhaps denied or simply not acknowledged or even realized as harmful in much of our society.

Ore’s manner of discussing these topics is decidedly heartfelt. The tone is accessible, personal, hopeful, and the background music furthers the longing for equality that shines so brightly throughout episodes.

Though still in its early days, EQUALITY is by far something that many people, of all colors and races, could benefit from listening to.

Emerging as short, often sub-fifteen-minute episodes, Ore attempts to start a conversation – she invites discussion, she asks questions, she seeks to understand. It’s baffling that something as simple and natural as the colour of our skin can give certain people such inherent needs to divide and treat others with more or less respect. These short episodes explore precisely this kind of prejudice. They’re insightful, often touching on recent internet trends or news items, and always talking from a deeply human, experienced perspective, which is consistently eye-opening, and often heartbreaking to consider.

A focused and important show – I look forward to hearing where else Ore takes things over future episodes. Inequality sadly stands tall in so many areas of modern life. There’s plenty to talk about, and hopefully we can begin to move away from prejudice and towards equality between all humans.

Check out all episodes via Anchor. Find & follow Ore Oseni on Twitter & Instagram.

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