Rising EDM Creative Devorah Performs Live in San Diego, November 8th - Stereo Stickman

Rising EDM Creative Devorah Performs Live in San Diego, November 8th


Fresh on the heels of launching the superb video and single Fire Spinner, RnB-meets-EDM indie gem Devorah gears up for a live show at San Diego’s The Holding Company, this coming November 8th.

Blending wholly immersive dance production with soulful vocals and an anthemic, catchy pop hook, Fire Spinner proves both a floor filler and a fine introduction to an artist with equal parts precision and passion at the heart of every release.

As such, the upcoming live show at The Holding Company is set to connect with and uplift audiences in a euphoric and memorable way. Grab TICKETS.

Where? : 5046 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

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Boasting tens of thousands of streams and followers alike, Devorah has built up an impressive name, for seamlessly blending strength of songwriting and intricate production amidst the RnB, Pop and EDM realms.

Backed by a lifetime devoted to music, Devorah started playing piano at just four years old, soon developing piercingly soulful vocals alongside it, and continues to write by way of building up from these organic beginnings to the all-consuming Dance Pop sound we hear today.

For those in the area, the San Diego live show promises a breadth of musicality and spiritual connection all at once, uniting atmospheric tones with heartfelt intentions and fearless confidence across an unmissable night of performance.

Grab TICKETS in advance for just $10. Stay updated via Twitter, Instagram, TikTok & Devorah’s Website or follow on Soundcloud & YouTube.

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