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Koko’s Drone Box No.1 Lets Users Create Music From Physical Objects


Oslo-based artist Koko Nikoladze has brought together two passions – one for music production and technology, and one for the sheer freedom of creative play.

Drone Box No.1 is a four-voice polyphonic synthesizer, and its purpose is to generate sound from any and all objects that can be attached to it.

Whether application is arbitrary or derived from genuine intrigue, the results promise a breakthrough aspect of organic composition, and perhaps look to counter the otherwise exponential growth of AI-led music generation; reigniting humanity’s passion for play, hopefully…

Built to look authentically organic with its wooden box bass for an audio engine, Drone Box No. 1 allows upto four objects to be attached on the top, to create a multitude of new vibrations, which in turn deliver varying timbres and traits of sound.

In Koko’s demonstration video, the artist explores how a pinecone presents a harsh, ‘rich buzz’ sound, when compared to the ’rounder sound’ offered by a paper cup.

“Selecting & attaching the objects is like physical mixing.”

Drone Box No.1 can be controlled via MIDI, and with its automatic voice management mode users can improvise on the spot without worrying about which motor to activate.

As Drone Box No. 1 has premiered just recently, at the start of 2023, there are plans to quickly develop things further in the coming months and years. The second iteration of the box will apparently offer a single button on the side, allowing users to create playlists of their MIDI files on an SD card, and stream tracks as they would any other music player.

Just when you think the hi-tech overlords are taking too big of a bite out of the future, creative individuals strike again to recpature an affection for in-the-moment music making. And given the previous inventions and releases of his channel throughout the past few years, such as the delightfully supportive Self Applauding Machine, Koka is no doubt an artist, producer and innovator well worth tuning in for.

Check out Koko Nikoladze on YouTube or visit the Website.

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