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digitalSoup – tech. gaming. geeks. (PODCAST)


Jason, Adam and Usually Dave host the professionally captured yet likable, laid-back and deeply human digitalSoup Podcast.

This is the kind of audio show you can get 45 minutes into and not feel the need to skip ahead or dip out of. The hosts carry a varied and structured yet notably honest, often meandering conversation that confidently weaves between topics of humor, entertainment, and those a little more heavy hearted.

There’s a decidedly natural tone to this podcast. Though the hosts may be new to your world, they quickly present themselves as worthy of this kind of long-chain podcast format. There’s a strong dynamic between the three, which helps give a varied, non-biased view of all of the topics in question. The whole thing emerges as an engaging, interesting discussion between knowledgeable friends.

A recent episode entitled Are Video Games Corrupting Our Youth tackles a subject that has been increasingly brought to light in recent years. There’s a serious undertone to the issue, the corruption potentially leading to devastating consequences if proven to be true, but the hosts approach it in a balanced manner. Aligning the facts with personal experience, extensive knowledge and understanding of gaming and the gamer world, the episode fascinates right the way through.

From comedic tidbits to gaming talk, nerd culture and onward into realms of deeper thought – digitalSoup balances laid-back discussion with genuinely considerate insight; questions, pondering.

A weekly podcast ultimately seeking to entertain, to provoke thought, to express ideas, and to create a welcoming community of listeners who share a love for tech, gaming, and everything in between.

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