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Deplorable Logic Podcast


Leading with a laid-back look at everything from politics to porno, Deplorable Logic Podcast takes a calming weekly browse through the key topics of our times.

Hosted in part by a former Certified Public Accountant, the show takes a rational and often humorous look at issues across the board. These weekly episodes began just last month, but given the sudden global pandemic and the impending impact of the struggles facing all of us in 2020, four episodes have already touched on a whole lot of the topics that have cropped up repeatedly in most of our newsfeeds. Specifically, a recent episode opens with the panic-buying dilemma that is, more boldly than the virus, so far, affecting cities and towns across the planet.

Given that this is a particularly trying time for us all, and not likely to get much better any time soon, this kind of comedic, not-taking-itself-too-seriously escapism is precisely what we can all use a little of to lighten the weight of the world.

The hosts blend fact and freedom, informal chats that touch on the bigger problems facing society. It’s partly like listening to a brief news roundup, and partly like hanging out with friends – reflecting on the bizzarities that surround us. Worth a listen.

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