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Curating the Perfect Podcast Soundtrack on a Budget: Some Tips To Potentially Obtain Success


Podcasts are a popular entertainment medium. They are widely enjoyed in all corners of the world and can often be the preferred type of audio to listen to. Depending on the type of podcast being created, they can either be educational and informative or humorous and provide a period of light entertainment.

However, there is no denying that the podcast market is highly saturated. It is a space in which many have looked to enter, given its popularity, but not everyone has been able to succeed. Finances can play a role, as those on a lower or restricted budget may encounter certain problems, but having the right content can also be crucial when trying to create one that people want to return to. This includes in terms of the soundtrack.

Why is the soundtrack of a podcast important?

While it may not be as important as the subject or topic of the podcast’s content, it is possible to argue that the soundtrack can have its own level of importance attached to it.

The jingles and sounds that are used can capture the attention and imagination of a new listener. At the same time, if used correctly, it can give the listener an expectation of the type of vibe or emotions that can be expected when listening.

Of course, it is not the be-all and end-all, but it can help make the podcast sound rounded and feel much more polished, especially if it is a low-budget production trying to compete with some of the biggest brands already established.

How can you find and pick the best soundtrack for your podcast?

The first thought can often be to try and find someone who is a professional. They are likely to have the expertise to know what will work and what won’t. They would also have the skills to be able to create something quickly that can be effective. However, this comes at a cost that can be expensive when working within financial constraints that are not too flexible. It can also be a huge cost on other resources if just starting out and not experienced in the field.

Fortunately, with technology available, the process can be easier than ever and cheaper to complete. Podcasters are able to create their own soundtracks to use. While it may take a longer period of time, it can be more personalized and cheaper. It can also give an individual new skills, which can then be used within the actual podcast, thus potentially enhancing what is offered to listeners and making it different.

Tips to follow when curating your new podcast soundtrack

Before beginning, it is important to have a complete understanding of your target audience. What is the content based on? Who are you trying to convert into listeners and potentially help the podcast grow into something successful? By being able to answer these questions, it is possible to curate a soundtrack that
matches the themes being followed.

Once this is understood, you can consider various resources that can be used to create the soundtrack. A possible route could be to go down the avenue of using free stock music, as this can be inexpensive and save time. You may find a sound that you like that can be immediately used, thus saving the effort required to create one from scratch or paying a producer a large portion of the budget to create one. There does not need to be any concerns about copyright, and listeners may immediately associate it with the podcast whenever they hear it.

It is also possible to try to create a soundtrack by using software programs that allow the creation of sound effects and other musical elements. There are programs available that can be downloaded for free that are accessible and user-friendly. However, they can be difficult to get to grips with as they may feature tech jargon that is not too familiar to someone uneducated in music. This can make the process unnecessarily long, which can then delay the release of the podcast, as the soundtrack is what you will want others to hear.

If you want to use a professional or someone with limited experience, it is possible to do it on the cheap. You can use freelance services or potentially even consider a band that is looking to get their name out there to help you create a soundtrack that can be used. They can get the exposure they want and practice
their skills, while the podcast owners know they can get a rounded track that nobody else will have. If either of them is successful, the other could potentially benefit, which is always a win-win scenario!


Though professional music producers and soundtrack composers may be preferred options for creating audio/video/film projects, you don’t have to spend an arm and leg creating one on a budget or at all – there are other methods out there as well!

Though its theme and content should come first, getting your podcast’s soundtrack right at the outset increases its chance of standing out among a highly competitive industry.

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