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Creatively Fresh – 10 Hip Hop Artists You Need To Hear


Second in the series for Creatively Fresh. Ten Hip Hop artists you might not have listened to, but absolutely should. These are artists doing something a little bit different, doing it well, and doing it with style. Press play and turn up the volume. If you’re a fan, show your support via the social media links. Let’s do this. 

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Eli Brooklyn

Eli Brooklyn will grab you with the strength of his writing and the sound of his voice; the conviction and passion with which he performs. Well worth exploring for anyone seeking out authentic hip-hop with fresh story telling and a little something that is new and exciting.

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Yashar. G

Yashar. G is a fairly low-key rapper and artist, never flashy or over the top, offering the simplicity of skillful and passionate creativity, and that’s worth a whole lot. The honesty and openness seems unedited, as real as it gets, and this takes you back a little as you listen. That contrast between music and performance is powerful, you hang on those words yet all the while you lose yourself in the ambiance. Those who have been through similar situations are likely to find their minds wandering off into the past.

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The sheer high quality and creativity of this release is the sort that makes you wonder why you haven’t heard it before. Paradame has a talent for writing, crafting songs, and performing. This release is undoubtedly the result of a multitude of talent fused with years of experience and an unstoppable passion for music.

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John Jay

The music that pours through as you press play is vibrant and uplifting, it’s a bright and energetic soundscape that comes with a touch of nostalgia. John Jay’s performance works in unison with the beat, as opposed to merely sitting on top of it. His lyricism presents a string of stories and ideas, his flow evolves throughout, remaining relevant to the moment at every turn, keeping you interested and never failing to surprise you. You can rely on this track for that necessary lift, that energy boost when the day feels long.

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Wayde’s flow is varied and underlines a number of different abilities, including that of a more melodic delivery rather than purely rap. The energy and passion are consistent, as is the wordplay – always keeping things fresh and interesting. There’s a good balance between story telling and personality, the two fuse well among the musical backdrop and make for what is a striking and easy to get into piece of modern hip-hop.

Check out our interview with Wayde. Find & follow him on Facebook & Soundcloud. Check out Fluent Music Gang on Facebook.


Zee’s style and swagger is on point – the tone of his voice, the confidence, the underlying message – this music has rhythm and power and showcases a constantly evolving, ever capable lyricist and performer. The hook takes hold from the second you hear it, and Zee is, without doubt, a rapper with an intense and memorable sound and flow.

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Earl Adamant Allen

Earl Adamant Allen’s leading voice has the mellow yet sincere tone to carry the sentiment of his songs in the most authentic and smooth manner possible. There’s no denying the truth and depth of his lyrics, it’s something many people will be able to appreciate or even relate to, and yet it speaks directly to a significant other – the songwriting has masterfully captured that clever balance between something deeply personal and something widely accessible.

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Just Will

The honesty is intense, but the music is so smooth and mellow; the contrast is powerful. Depth isn’t all that common in modern music, so when you find it, it’s well worth tuning in. Just Will has something fresh to offer.

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Mr P Chill

The Beautiful Revolution is a project that captures and explores the essence of it’s title and every image or thought that the idea subsequently conjures up. It’s an absolute must hear, a great listening experience – one that sums up and highlights so much of what has come to pass in recent years. These issues affect all of us and we can’t just hide away from it anymore.

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LaQuinn has mastered the artistry of original rap, rock, and creativity in general. This release is huge, loaded with passion and depth and attitude and the precise kind of vibes and lines that get people interested and keep them coming back for more.

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