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Creatively Fresh – 10 Americana Acts Making Waves


Creatively Fresh is back with our list of ten highly recommended, unmissable artists and bands flying the flag high for Americana Music – Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Country, and everything in between. These are acts who offer up infectious and impressive musicianship, vibrant energy, and powerful, memorable songs. Be sure to give them a follow on social media if you like what you hear, and if the opportunity arises – any one of these would make for a superb night of live music.

Mama Juke

The musicians that make up Mama Juke are unquestionably skillful, creative, and passionate when it comes to crafting and performing both original and familiar songs. The leading vocalist carries each and every melody with emotion and grit and accuracy. The instrumentation maintains that organic feel yet fills up every possible void with warmth and energy and optimism.

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Black Horse Motel

The sound of traditional folk rock and roots music is something that simply glistens throughout this EP Parable from Philadelphia based Black Horse Motel. The instrumentation has this raw and gritty presentation to it that makes the whole thing feel like a live performance, and furthermore – the lyricism is beautiful, holding onto your attention from start to finish.

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DocFell & co.

As you move through the songs you get a touch of different aspects of country and Americana music, often with a genuine and truth heavy, folk-like lyrical outpouring. The music moves from the fast paced, high energy, to the mellow and almost acoustic, intermittently throughout the project. At all times you get the warmth of the leading vocal, the accompanying choir of voices, the beautifully stylish flicker of the strings, and the ever organic realness of the surrounding instrumentation.

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What this track offers is the thickness of rock, the melodic satisfaction of Americana, the emotional rawness of folk, and the sheer style and character of a brand new band. The country rock storytelling is executed flawlessly, the varying sections of the song deal with different ideas, the hook in particular has this striking poignancy that imprints its message and its melody in an instant. And it really just gets more and more compelling as the track progresses.

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Cranky George

At it’s core, Misery Road is a song that oozes a very folk-rock and Americana sort of mood. The song seems all at once familiar, yet unpredictable. The rhythm is comforting, the instrumentation is organic and pleasant, and the leading vocal is loaded with character and a genuine emotional overtone that fairly deeply reflects the theme of the song. Great songwriting and great performances from all involved. Definitely a band to catch performing live sometime soon.

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Megg Farrell

The structure of these songs is stunning, each track is crafted with a careful consideration for the emotion or drama of the subject matter. The music stops and starts intermittently, weighing in artistically on the point within the story or the momentary passion of the leading vocalist. The tightness between band members is on point, the chemistry shows itself to be close to invincible.

Download the album via Bandcamp or iTunes. Find & follow Megg Farrell on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Visit her Website for more information.

Söur Bruthers

The eclecticism on this collection is cleverly and professionally matched by the distinct thread and sense of identity that the band present. The songwriting and performances are top notch, with equal parts power and softness, energy and calm, it makes for a consistently enjoyable half hour of music.

Find & follow them on Facebook & Twitter or visit their Website for more information.

Alpha Mule

It’s a pleasure to stumble upon this band as there’s something about their music that is unfamiliar and intriguing, some of the ideas take a while to draw in; the pace of the music leaves you wondering what just happened. On the contrary, there’s also something comfortingly nostalgic about it. Both instances fuse well in making their sound something fresh and unquestionably beautiful to listen to.

Stream the music on Spotify or download via Bandcamp. Visit the Alpha Mule Website for more information.

The Good Morning Nags

This EP gives listeners a series of well captured moments which are really well arranged. The varying voices and performance styles of each musician involved fit gorgeously together, the skills showcased are forever impressive, and the song choices follow on from one another in a perfectly fitting manner yet remain eclectic enough to always keep your attention. All in all it makes for a distinctly enjoyable, go-to playlist.

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Angie and The Deserters

A wonderfully classic sound but with a fresh touch of musicianship, and a brilliantly skillful and passionate centre of songwriting. At times there’s a bit of a Fleetwood Mac sound to the melody and the musicality. It’s genuinely enjoyable to listen to something inspired by such music but with it’s own array of originality fused in alongside.

Visit their Website for more music and info. Find and follow them on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.

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